About Me

Suzanne LaGrande is a writer, painter, & teacher. I have taught creative writing, public speaking, film history at universities in Buenos Aires, New York, California and in Portland, Oregon. Recently I became a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Portland. 

I am also a radio producer with Kboo Community Radio.

Here’s a five part series I did recently: Start-Up City: How the New Tech Boom is Changing Portland.


Part 1: The New Tech Boom Happening in Portland.

Part 2: Coders Wanted: New Jobs in the Tech Industry

Part 3: The Digital Divide & the Talent Divide: Who Makes Up the Tech Industry?

Part 4: Tech for Good: How Technology May Be Used to Solve Social Problems.

Part 5: The Future of Technology and the Current Housing Crisis in Portland.

I started painting in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was fortunate to study under the amazing Gladis Rubio ( gladisrubio.com.ar)


Process Notes

Here are some of first my paintings:

Here are a few more of my more recent paintings:

Nancy & Marcos