About Me

Suzanne LaGrande is a writer, radio producer and creative writing coach.  She holds a doctorate in Communication and a Masters of Fine Arts in Playwriting, She has taught creative writing, screenwriting, film history, and various Communication courses at universities in Buenos Aires, New York, California and in Portland, Oregon.

Her first novel in the trilogy, The Stole Senses tells the story of a young girl who trades three of her senses in order to be beautiful.  Fifteen-year-old Esther Tran is fat, shy and has a secret: she’s clairsentient—objects, stones especially, speak to her, confiding in her long-hidden town histories. With tall, blonde Delta debutante Hilary Crawford competing for the title of Miss Mississippi Sweetheart, Esther has no chance of winning. That is, until Esther meets a strange woman.  “I can make you beautiful – the most beautiful woman in the world—if you’ll give me what I want.”  A blend of magical realism with Southern Gothic satire and multicultural family drama,  the novel explores what it means to be beautiful and what we are willing to give up in order to be loved.